a heart like no other

I know I just blogged a few hours ago, but I found this next to my computer and well…It deserves its own post.  This is my son.  In a nutshell. An email to his spanish teacher…

Dear Mrs. Malivuk,

I just wanted to send you a letter to let you know how great of a teacher you are.  I truly appreciate how kind you always are, and that you are so great to your students.  Some teachers don’t understand we are people too, but you have always afforded us respect.  Your class is easily my favorite.  Simply put- it is just enjoyable. (Students name) well he is one of a kind, as I am sure you understand, but that just shows your patience with your students.  I am always available to help him out with material.  If you ever get overwhelmed with him, I am always there to help!!

Thanks for everything, and merry Christmas,

Lucas Van Sprange

This is what the world lost and heaven gained on January 16.  This was no ordinary 15 year old.

If this touched your heart-

Help me, in any way you can to spread the Live Like Lucas movement.  Such a loss cannot go with our a tremendous gain.  The world needs to know. To learn. To change.

If you are willing to help me email me at melissa_conner@comcast.net

Lets spread his legacy.


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