God wins

Its Friday again.  I always wake up on Fridays with that pit in my stomach, that fluttering of anxiety in my heart…why can’t we just skip Fridays?

Everyone else celebrates them. TGIF.  Yippee.

I was doing OK.  Until I looked at facebook (yes that again) and saw a picture of a huge group of FHC freshman at a pool party.

Oh God.  Oh God why.

I’ve described pain so many times in the 70 or so times that I have blogged.  I have talked about it in so many ways, tried to describe it in every possible light.  Drowning in an ocean.  Being cut from the inside with glass.  Having your heart ripped out of your chest and replaced with rocks.

All I can think right now is- gut-wrenching.  An often used phrased.  Probably to the point where it doesn’t even get the proper response- it doesn’t even mean anything anymore.

Think of your guts.  Your insides.  Your core.  The very center of your existance.  Twisted. crushed, squeezed until they no longer resemble anything whole and healthy.  Just beaten.

The thing though, is after you cry and cry and cry and cry eventually you just stop and you have to go on.  You just…have to.

I’m supposed to be making candles.  My friend took my littles so I could make candles.  I sell them, you see, to raise money for Guatemala.  For a van to help people who are hurting in Guatemala.

The candle money is going to do a bit of traveling, though you see.  First the money will help to  hire a lawyer so that the Live Like Lucas Foundation is created.  A non-profit.  So that when the LLL 5k happens in October, there will be a non-profit for corporate, or individual sponsors to contribute to.  Then we will have a successful race.  It is going to be an incredible race.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is how we are going to make some big money for Guatemala.

Big things are happening.  Race planning, non-profit planning, LLL is going to grow and grow and grow.  Cuz guess what.

god wins

Yup. God wins.

God is going to win through this gut-wrenching tragedy.




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