My gift

I just spend an entire exhausting wonderful day preparing for Random Acts of Kindness day on Monday.  The 16th.  The day that will never be the same for us.  I am so bubbling over from the bottom of my heart in excitement for what this day will bring.

Just in the schools we are working in alone (Ada, Central woodlands, Central Middle, FHC) there will be over 3,000 kids thinking about the impact of kindness.  Thinking about what they can do for someone else.  Thinking about how they can make someone’s day, put a smile on their face, put a little spring in their step.  Putting others ahead of themselves.

Each of these kids is going to write their act of kindness and put it on a blue strip of paper which will join hundreds of other strips to make a chain. A chain of kindness.  If only…the world could be a chain of kindness.  Passed on from one person to the next, to the next, in an endless circle.  If only.  Why not start here.  One branch of Forest Hills Schools.

I saw a commercial while waiting for a movie to start the other day where the girl described “throwing her heart out in front of her and then running to catch it.” That really resonated with me.  I think about it all the time.

Why not? Just throw it out there.  Put aside your reservations, your in inhibitions, your self-consciousness and just go for it.

I have the “club no one wants to be in” perspective.  I wish everyone had it.  The “it could never happen to us” has happened.  I have no reason not to go “all in” because I truly understand how short and fragile and fleeting life is.  How very little time we have to make an impact. I will use my son’s life as an example and a springboard until my dying breath.  I believe God gave him to me for that very reason. It was his act of kindness to me. Lucas was my gift.  I am going to pass him on.


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