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Eulogy by tatum oxford

September 8th 2013

There are, and will be, days that you’ll wake up with no extraordinary expectations or plans for that day. This was one of those days. I simply agreed to tag-along with my mom, as she said she was heading out to take pictures for a family. When my mom and I arrived to take pictures, I was pleased to see a boy that appeared to be close in age with me. He introduced himself with a full smile and firm handshake.

“Hi, I’m Lucas!”

“HI, I’m Tatum! It’s nice to meet you.”

– – –

I can assure you, me saying it was “nice” to meet him, is by far the most understated phrase i’ve made.

– – –

The more time I spent with Lucas, the greater I admired him. I admired him for how he went about daily life, in the ways he expressed himself, and in his ways of showing love to others. Lucas went about life in an empowering, optimistic manner. Irregardless of the type of day he was experiencing, he always had a smile on his face. He could walk into any given room or situation, and lift everyone’s mood. He expressed him self in such gracious ways. Lucas always found the adequate words to express his feelings and emotions. When he needed help or someone to talk to, he sought out help. He respected himself in ways that everyone should. Lucas was dedicated and disciplined in all that he did, whether it’d be homework, working-out, or doing chores. He made time for what he needed to get done, and always put forward his best effort. I especially admired the ways in which he showed love to others. I could always count on him for a helping-hand, shoulder to cry on, push of motivation, and/or a smile. He was always the first to ask “How are you?”, and if something was wrong, he knew. He had a way of healing every broken room in a heart. He would sit down with you, listen to you rant until you ran out of words, and then give guiding advice. He was wise beyond his years.

Lucas has left a permanent mark on my life, changing me for the better. I pray that I can spread his legacy, through all that I do. To do so, I will love endlessly, put others first, spread faith, and bless others’ souls. I hope that

I can be a source of light in the darkest of situations, as he always was.

– – –

January 16th, 2015

This marked the date of knowing Lucas for just over a year and four months. In such a small duration of time, he made such a major impact on my life. I would give anything to have lengthened the span of time him and I spent together on this earth, but God called him home. As hard as it is to come to terms with, I will stay firm in my faith. Romans 8:18 says,“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” God has greater plans for us all. Let us mourn, come to peace, then celebrate and share Lucas’ life.

This isn’t a “goodbye”, this is an “I’ll see you later.”

Thank you for being such a significant person in my life,

Tatum Oxford