We bring the Kingdom Come

It’s a big week.  In two days, the 16th,  I leave for a mission trip to Guatemala- the exact one that Lucas went on last year.

In two days it will also be the 6 month anniversary of the day Lucas went to heaven.

As the tears fill my eyes and my brain still wants to push the idea aside and scream NOOOOOOOOOOO! I realize I must accept this.  It is so hard to see in print.  So. So. hard.

I came to the website to blog not because I was particularly sad and wanted to pour my heart out, but because I want Lucas to be remembered for his LIFE. I want that life and everything it meant to be celebrated on July 16th.

I want Thursday to be a where GOD WINS.  What would Lucas want? For us to cry for him and mourn his death?

I don’t think so.


So what are you gonna do about it? First of all if you have an LLL shirt- wear that puppy.  With your bracelet of course.

This Thursday is a day of MISSIONS.  Yes you can go to Guatemala to do that-  I am finally after 36 years going on a real live mission trip and I am pumped.  You know who inspired me to do that? Lucas.

Sometimes you just need a little push.  Let your little push be LLL day.  Here’s a place to start:


Places You Can Volunteer with Kids in Grand Rapids


A mission can be in your backyard or across the world.  It might even be in your own house.

I heard the greatest song yesterday:


With every act of Love- We bring the kingdom come.

great acts

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