i’ll see you later

The celebration of life service for Lucas was more beautiful, more touching, more meaningful than I could ever hope for.  I learned things about my son that I didn’t even know.  I would imagine Lucas in heaven just bawling at its beauty. He was a crier- don’t tell anyone.  I felt like every word and every note came straight from heaven.  The quartet unknowingly picked my very favorite piece.    I know he would have been absolutely beaming at Christian playing the cello.  He was incredibly proud of Christian and his gift.  To know that Christian played through his pain in order to honor his friend would have blown him away.

Of course he would be been soooooooo embarrassed about all the wonderful things being said about him. I can imagine him being so annoyed, like “no. no.  I’m just a normal guy.  You guys are being ridiculous.”

He would have laughed so hard at the stories about Jakob and having the brilliant idea to shoot a frisbee while in his hand. The time they accidentally rode their bikes on the highway. John Chamoa saying his legs as an 8 year old were like a baby giraffe. The music played would have moved him.  That kid loved music more than anyone I know.  It was always rap when he got home from school and of course he wouldn’t use headphones so after a few minutes I would be like “Dude!” ‘Cmon! Brady and Bryleigh do not need to hear this!” most of the rap I hated, but there was a couple that made me want to start dancing. When he started doing his homework he would switch it up, sometimes Dvorak, sometimes Third Day,  or Led Zeppelin, or Bob Marley.  He went through a strange Nirvana stage too.  Anyways I digress.

He would have loved the message the most.  I know if he could have picked one thing that was most important to come through in the service it wouldn’t have been about his story, but God’s story.  He would have said- just skip all the stuff about me.  Just let them all know that Jesus loves them.  That Jesus died for them.  That this is not goodbye.

It’s see you later.

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